Why Love Leavenworth

Why choose Love Leavenworth Vacation Rentals to provide Property Management services for your home?  

We will work hard everyday to gain your trust and confidence that your home is in good hands by doing the best we can to keep your home safe, secure, clean and well maintained,  Your home is a valuable and hard-earned asset that we want to protect and have available for you and your guest's enjoyment.

We will do the best we can to make sure that the guests staying in your home are the best cared for guests in Leavenworth so that they want to return again and again and treat your home as if it were their own.

Our cleaning staff will be providing the highest quality of professional services to assist us in maintaining your home. LLVR has a proven track record of reliable consistent quality all with it's own professional friendly and competent employees. 

We are 100% LOCAL and AVAILABLE.  Phone calls come into Leavenworth and are not routed to Pittsburg or some other location.  If a guests needs assistance we are right here, knowledgeable and available.  If a guests wants to know what the weather conditions are, we simply look out the window instead of a Google search.  We are also open on weekends and evenings to assist owners and guests as needed.  

We use the most cutting edge technonlogy to assist the owner with any and all information regarding their home.  With the software Vacation Rental Scheduler owners get real time reports showing completion of cleanings, tasks, sub-contractor visits, and any pertinent information they may need to keep their home in perfect running order.  This innovative software reduces communication time and works hand in hand with our reservation system software.  

Our software is provided by Liverez, an industry leader and innovator of Property Management products in the vacation rental industry. The power of LiveRez supports not only the entire guest reservation experience but is key in assisting with financial record keeping, reporting, marketing and scheduling of regular maintenance and housekeeping tasks. 

Property Management

We offer a wide range of unique property management services for vacation rental homeowners.

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From children’s crib rental to extra linens. What can we do to make your stay more enjoyable?

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Spring, summer, fall and winter are perfect times to stay and play in beautiful Leavenworth.